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Skype Coaching

Are there sticking points in your game that you’d like to address? Do the same things seem to keep happening with each approach?

Or maybe you’re a complete beginner in the wonderful world of seduction and are finding it hard to pluck up the courage to talk to a girl, let alone tell her that you think she’s sexy or ask her for her phone number.

Alternatively, perhaps you are a seasoned pro but there are certain tweaks that you’d like to make to your pick-up techniques.

Whatever level you’re at, I can help. If you’re a beginner, I will diagnose the issues you’re facing and help you to work up a program of action to overcome them. If you’re a seasoned pro, I can provide you with top-level insider tips to help you take your game to that elusive next level. And if you’re somewhere in between I will give you constructive input and inspiration to help you move up to the big league.

Short of us meeting up in person, which may not always be practical, Skype is proven to be the best way to deliver solid, actionable dating advice. I always like to see clients when I’m talking to them as it means I’m quickly able to assess things like your look, fashion sense, posture, facial expressions and so on — all elements that can be make or break when you’re out in the field meeting women. Sometimes just a few minor changes in a guy’s style or presentation can make all the difference between success and failure.

It’s also worth mentioning that Skype coaching is the most cost-effective way of obtaining some dedicated, one-on-one Troy Francis training. I also work with private clients on a face-to-face basis, but this is significantly more expensive, for obvious reasons.


Places for Skype coaching are limited, so please email me asap so I can try to fit you in. Email me on troyfrancis7laws@gmail.com letting me know your level of game proficiency and the issues you would like to discuss.


Each Skype session will last for one hour.

For 1x Skype session: £100 for one hour