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What Lessons Can Players Take From Sex Parties Into Their ‘Vanilla’ Dating Lives?

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Below is another extract from the new book I’m working on about the wild side of night game. Today, I consider what lessons the player can take from sex parties into their ‘vanilla’ dating lives.




Does the swingers’ scene reveal anything about human nature, and female sexuality in particular, that the assiduous player can take into this regular ‘vanilla’ dating life?


Yes and no.


The first thing to bear in mind is that not everyone will swing—some women are into it, and others fundamentally are not. Yes, OK, all of us has a naughty side, and many women might fantasise about what it would be like to go to a sex party, but it doesn’t compute that all of them actually would. It remains a minority interest for a reason.


My point in making this clear is that there is no use thinking that you can take any girl you meet out in the ‘real’ world and convert her into a crazy swinger. Yes, this kind of thing happens from time to time, but don’t count on it.


That said, what the swinging scene does do is open ones eyes about the extremes of human sexual behaviour, or its potential at least. I’ve already talked at length about the the ways in which swinging presents a microcosm of the wider sexual marketplace. You’d be amazed how much attending these events will open your eyes to female naughtiness.


Put it this way, if you have any lingering ideas in your mind that girls are all sweetness and light, angels who have come down from heaven and would never put a foot wrong, then one night at Killing Kittens will disabuse you of that notion.

When you see women going from guy to guy, taking multiple partners in a night, then you will realise that  your ‘purity fantasy’ is purely imaginary. Even the sweetest, cutest-looking girls have the potential to be insatiable sex-monsters, and it really is the quiet ones you have to watch.


I don’t, by the way, intend any judgement here, it’s just a simple fact that human beings, male and female are animals and remain—when freed of social constraints—animalistic in their behaviour


How can this help you in your vanilla dating life? It’s mainly a matter of perception. Once you have observed the way that women and men act when they are taking part in an orgy it is very difficult to revert back to that notion that they are innocent. Instead, it hardens you up and gives you a far more pragmatic, realistic impression of what sex is really like, and what people are capable of.


This will inevitably have some effect on the way you are when you meet new girls. You will shift towards being more sexual, more dominant, more direct, and more downright honest about what you want.

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GhostofSteveMcQueen - February 10, 2018

And if they are interested in swinging, there’s no guarantee they’ll stay interested. Sometimes once their curiosity is fulfilled that’s enough, even if they enjoyed it and still get wet at the idea. For example, after having a child or children.

(“…it hardens you up…” No pun intended?)

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