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STILL IN THE GAME Is Out Today And This Is What It Feels Like To Publish A New Book


Publication day for a new book is always a little strange. This is the fifth time I’ve experienced it and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

You see the process of writing is very solitary. Most of the time I’m holed up in a room on my own somewhere. The location doesn’t really matter , it’s just me and the Mac.

STILL IN THE GAME was mainly written in London, but parts of it were were created in Berlin and St Petersburg too.

Wherever I lay my Mac, that’s my home.

So you spend all of this time planning the book and then bashing out word on the computer. Then you sit and revise and edit it.

It is only at this point, after the book has been solely in your own consciousness for ages, that you finally let another person in. In my case that person is my editor Chad. He’s based in the US and I’ve worked with him on two books now.

When the manuscript is finished to the best of my ability I send it over to him to knock it into shape.

But here’s the thing—Chad’s a line editor, not an editor who gets involved on a conceptual level. Or at least, that’s what I pay him to do. So while he may occasionally give me a little suggestion about this or that, and he will often put a red pen through some of my more flowery pronouncements, in the main he just takes my work and makes sure it’s fit for human consumption.

(Every writer needs an editor. There are so many minuscule little errors you can make and you really need another set of eyes on it to weed them out).

Then there is the to-ing and fro-ing of the edits themselves. Chad will send me a word file with amendments on it that I can either accept or reject. I go through the whole manuscript deciding whether or not each of his suggestions is right. Most of the time they are, but sometimes I disagree for whatever reason, and then I reject.

I send the whole thing back to him and he does another pass on it. Then he sends me back the file and I go through it once more.

Simultaneously, the designer is working on the cover, making tweaks based on my suggestions.

Then, once the text is finalised there is the job of formatting it for digital download (on Kindle, tablet and iPhone) as well as for paperback. Chad also handles this. He sends me the formatted files over for me to check for any errors or oversights.

Again, we go back and forth with this several times.

As you can imagine, it takes time. And all the while I still haven’t had any feedback on the content of the book itself.

And that, of course, is the really important thing.

You see I take the writing of my books (and these articles) very seriously indeed. I want to put out the best quality writing in this space. I want to write publish the rawest, most authentic daily men’s content out there to help guys achieve personal freedom by revolutionising their dating and working lives.

And so I put my heart and soul into these books.

I want to share something real, something that brings value to people’s lives. And it’s always nerve wracking wondering if I’ve hit target or not.

Hoping that my words have connected, that my work has done the job I hope it’s going to do, the one that I’ve set out to accomplish.

But I will only know that for sure when readers come back to me and let me know what they think.

I know that I’ve hit that mark before. I know that my previous books have helped people, changed them even. I hope that happens with STILL IN THE GAME too.

But in the end all I can do is keep going, keep writing, keep sharing my story. Keep being honest and cutting myself deep to tell it like it is. I’m already 9,000 words into the next book. That’s the way it has to be. I never want to stand still. I only want to go forward, giving as much value as I can.

But it’s an exciting day when a new book comes out. I’m proud of STILL IN THE GAME and I very much hope you enjoy it. And I want to thank you for supporting me this far, whether it’s by buying a book, listening to a podcast, watching my videos or dropping me a message. Or just turning up here to read this blog.

It means a lot to me, and it encourages me to keep doing this, so again, thank you.

And If you’re interested in STILL IN THE GAME and you’d like to learn more, here’s some more information.




So, you reached forty. Or maybe you haven’t quite yet.

But you’ll get there soon enough.

And when you do—whether that’s now or in a couple of years’ time—you’ll need to know precisely what you need to do to get results with the girls you want to date.

Perhaps you’ve been married. Maybe you’re divorced, or a split looks imminent. Maybe you have kids.

Maybe the dating scene is a dim and distant memory to you.

Or perhaps you’ve been playing the field for a while, but you’d benefit from the experience and insights of a player in his forties who regularly dates beautiful girls all over the world.

After all, when you were at university it was all so easy—you’d simply have a few drinks, go to the bar and meet a girl.

These days there is Tinder and Bumble and Happn, not to mention all the social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snap.

Everything seems so complicated.

Plus as a guy in his forties you’re still interested in the same kinds of girls you always were: hot young things with a bit of sass and feistiness.

That picture of Emily Ratakowski never fails to perk you up.

And you don’t see things changing any time soon.

But where will you meet the kinds of girls you like? And how will you make it so that you’re attractive to them? And how will you relate to them?

Most importantly, how will you get over the mental barriers that you will inevitably face as a 40+ guy out playing the field?

STILL IN THE GAME answers all these questions and more.

– Understand the challenges, issues and hidden traps that any player in his forties and beyond will face out in the field.
– Read Troy’s own personal story, revealing the secret truths about how he came to avoid the regular path of marriage and remain a player into his forties.
– Learn exactly how you can break out of the ‘matrix’ of conventional thinking to free yourself up for a life of sexual and romantic variety.
– Go deep into the mindsets that you need to develop so that you are rock-solid in your confidence about meeting girls.
– Find out how to remain young without looking like a dick, and how best to relate to younger women.
– Discover the precise structure of game that Troy uses right now as a 40+ man to meet beautiful women.
– Consider relationships and the conflicts that they can bring, and how best you can negotiate these.
– Take a no-bull look at the downsides of the player lifestyle.
– Eradicate your fears about the endgame. Do I have to ask where all of this is going? Will I still have to be hitting on girls when I’m seventy? Or can I find huge excitement, happiness and contentment through the player lifestyle?

Let’s face it. There’s a ton of game advice out there but the vast majority of it is aimed at younger guys. And as STILL IN THE GAME makes clear, the principles of attraction are the same whatever your age. There are no silver bullets.

But the main thing that holds guys in their 40s back from success is not so much game techniques as much as the mindsets that they hold.

If you can just make a few subtle tweaks to your mindset then you will immediately start to make huge leaps forward in your dating life.

STILL IN THE GAME will teach you how.

If you’re a 40+ guy who wants to meet, attract and date beautiful women click here to get a copy of my brand new book STILL IN THE GAME





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