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Women Love Men Who Approach And Who Are Dominant

If you read my writing regularly you will be in no doubt that it is my contention that women love men who approach and who are dominant. And actually, one goes hand-in-hand with the other, since if you are naturally dominant then it stands to reason that you are the sort of person who will naturally approach anyway.

I wanted to illustrate this point with some messages I received from Katia today, the Russian girl I met at Zurich Airport.

Katia, it turns out, is one of those girls who really loves messaging guys. Seriously, my WhatsApp has been blowing up. She’s sent me over twenty photos, most of them of her (semi-posed pictures on the beach, looking pensively out at the sea, dancing on the sand, and so on. No bikini shots, all classy stuff).

She also forwarded a few images of her AirBnB apartment in St. Peterburg, where I may go a stay for a few days.

In between she’s been telling me all about herself plus asking me questions and so on.

Which is kind of flattering, since we only really chatted for five minutes or so yesterday morning (although it was a really good set, though I say so myself). But it is also somewhat disruptive. You see at this stage (pre-sex) if a cute girl is showing a lot of interest, and particularly when she is sending me pictures, I tend to find it somewhat distracting, as my mind goes into overdrive imagining the potential outcome of the thing.

And the last thing I need right now is to be distracted, since it is also a really critical time for my work. I have a new book coming out very soon, and I need to work doubly hard to ensure it’s released on time. In this sense mixing game with writing is difficult, since you need relative tranquility for the latter, while the former invites excitement and destabilisation.

But I digress. Check out this first WhatsApp extract below. I am in green, she is in white.

After we’d established that I am some years older than her (obviously), I was interested to find out if that is her usual pattern. She her response:

It is interesting that, while she says that yes, she does like older men, she mentions of her own accord that she likes men who are ‘stronger’. She doesn’t like to dominate. She wants a man who will take control.

Now have a look at this next example:

It speaks for itself. But it is worth bearing in mind that girls can still be impressed by your confidence when you cold-approach proficiently. And also that many guys are ‘leaving money on the table’ by failing to approach.

(It is also a great advert for visiting Russia.)

Finally, consider this:

In Katia’s romantic imagination, her man is the one who will walk up to her unafraid and take her, dominate her, and love her until she is breathless.

None of this should be particularly surprising if you are a player, or a student of the game. Still, it is interesting—and worth remarking on—how robustly girls will back up the theories of seduction we ourselves espouse, if you only talk to them and take the time to hear what they say.

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MG - December 6, 2017

Great example, I would like to see more of this.

    tfadmin - December 6, 2017

    Thanks man – coming up! Troy

Aliz - December 6, 2017

These Russian/Slavic girls are a breath of fresh air and man’s last hope against the evil godess of Feminism .
P.S: be careful , they outplay the players sometimes. 😉

    tfadmin - December 7, 2017

    Very true 😉 Thanks for the comment! Troy.

Shawn - December 7, 2017

Since the set went so well. Maybe do a post and dissect every detail about it. From the moment you saw her till the time you parted ways. Body lang, clothes, opener, ect.
Just a thought

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