Friends With Benefits

friends with benefits

She comes around about once a fortnight.

She arrives at my apartment, takens her jacket off. I pour her a drink. We sit down, chat a little, and I put some music on YouTube.

She sits on my lap. We kiss. I grab her ass, slap it. I pull her jumper up over her head. We kiss some more. I tug her bra down to reveal her large breasts.

We stand and I slip down her jeans. Now my fingers are between her legs, doing their work. She takes my cock in her hand, strokes it

A moment later we’re on the bed. She gasps as I enter her.

Some time later we finish. Exhausted, momentarily dazed from our exertions, we lie back in one anothers’ arms.

We turn the music off YouTube and watch some trashy reality show instead. I don’t mind watching any old crap once I’ve had sex.

Plus it’s nice, spending a little bit of time together. Just a touch of that female energy. Sometimes she strokes my hair a little. Nothing too much. We’re not boyfriend or girlfriend or anything. Just friends with benefits.

Ideally this is the endgame you want to get to. A girl who you meet solely for sex. Where sex is the entire basis of the relationship, nothing more complicated than that.

It’s not as hard to achieve as you might imagine. For there are plenty of girls out there who are, well, damn horny, but who don’t want, or don’t have time for, the complexities of a relationship.

There are two things you need to do – 1. you need to find one of these girls, and 2. you need to not act like her boyfriend. For part of the onus is on you, you see.

Guys often complain that they fall into heavy relationships when that was never necessary. It was they who opened the door to those relationships. Had they never opened that door they might still have been free, enjoying the sex minus the commitment.

It’s not hard to do, but you need to maintain that hustler mindset. Don’t give into comfort too easily. Don’t submit to your addiction to affection.  Enjoy it and she will too. Do it right and she’ll keep coming back for more.

Stay free. Stay sexy.

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Bear - October 11, 2017

“It’s not as hard to achieve as you might imagine. For there are plenty of girls out there who are, well, damn horny, but who don’t want, or don’t have time for, the complexities of a relationship.”

Thanks for bringing this key concept of the daygame up .
Since i interlined this concept my life has changed .
Not showing off or something , just agreeing with you .

i could never land or keep a girlfriend so one day i decided to have some courage and tell a girl that i just wanted a friend with benefits. She was a surgeon . To my surprise she happily agreed.
Since then i have had 18_19 women and girls , very successful ladies .
Two best friends used to come at the same time all because i sensed their sexual frustration and came clean with my intentions . Some of them are married and have kids now . Some even invited me to their weddings
( wtf ).
They tried their best to turn this relationship around but i did’nt get played .
I am happy . I have some rules though . I tell them if they fuck someone else just inform me before or after the deed . I stop seeing them after that 🙂

So i totally agree with you Troy . Guys need to give it a shot ..

    tfadmin - October 12, 2017

    Awesome stuff man – sounds like you have a great system there! Great to hear! Cheers, Troy.

    PJ Pires - October 12, 2017

    A true player.

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