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How To Cut Conversational Threads To Increase Her Attraction To You

When men talk to attractive women they tend to be far too accommodating, going along with whatever the girls says. If I show her that I’m engaged with what she’s saying then she’ll like me more‘ sums up the typical male point of view.

Unfortunately the opposite is true. The more careful you are to go along with her programme, the more supplicating, weak and unattractive you will be to her.

Imagine you approach a girl and she starts going on about Justin Bieber, who she’s a big fan of. The natural response of many guys would be to try to find something about Bieber that they can chime in with:

Yeah, he’s actually not a bad singer. I really liked ‘Sorry’ off his last album.

Then the girl might continue with this Bieber thread:

I saw him at the O2 Arena last week. He’s so cute. And a really great dancer too.’

Again, the instinctive tendency that many of us have in this type of situation is to find yet more commonality:

Yeah, he certainly knows how to move alright. I’ll give him that!

So what’s wrong with this? Surely in saying these things you’re merely showing that you’re interested in her and that there is some common ground.

Maybe. But what you’re also showing is a puppy-like willingness to go run after whatever ball she might throw out on the lawn for you.

On a conscious level she may not think anything very much of it. He’s a nice, amenable bloke, she’ll say to herself. It’s great to find some guy who I can talk shit to and who’ll lap it up. 

But the truth is that deep down she knows you couldn’t give a shit about Justin Bieber. She knows the only reason you’re maintaining any pretence about it and indulging her is to get into her knickers.

A friend of mine is a great seducer. He doesn’t have a game website or anything. He’s just a very good looking, alpha guy who doesn’t give a fuck and has scored a whole bunch of pussy in his time.

His whole thing is what you might call ‘non-sequitur game’. That is, he will come out with the most random things possible. Statements, normally. Or weird noises. Or funny accents.

Whatever the girl says he ignores. He cuts the thread. He just starts talking about something else. So if she’s talking about Bieber, he’ll cut the thread and say something about the football. Or about what’s on the menu. Or literature or leprechauns. Or anything else in between.

It might sound rude. It probably is rude. But the rules of politeness have very little currency in the world of seduction. And my friend’s brash disregard of conversations that don’t interest him—-never mind how hot the girl in question is—create visible attraction in the hotties he interacts with.

Think about it. And next time you’re talking to a girl you like, be prepared to prioritise your own conversational threads over hers.

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Matt - October 8, 2017

Its funny how attraction works,
what you think you should do by societal standards, just do the opposite and you ‘ll be right. A bit like that old episode on Seinfeld.

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