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I Shoot A Video In Berlin


If you weren’t aware, I’ve been putting a series of videos up over on my YouTube channel where I talk about the A – Z of the Modern Casanova lifestyle.

This is really a soft launch of my channel, since I’m still getting used to using the equipment and talking in front of the camera etc., but I have big plans for it for the rest of the year going into 2018, so please do head over there and subscribe if you haven’t had the chance to do so already.

To give you a flavour of the content, here’s my latest video, shot in Kreuzberg, Berlin, where I riff on the notion of power and how it pertains to the lifestyle of the player:

I hope you enjoyed that, but do let me know your thoughts. Any feedback, plus any suggestions for what you’d like to see me talk about in future would be awesome, so please leave a comment below, or on YouTube 

And as I say, if you like it and you want to see more in-depth content from me in video form then please do visit the page and hit the subscribe button when you get a moment.

To order your copy of my new game book HOW TO BE AN ASSH*LE (THAT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN LOVE) click here. 

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getlucky - October 3, 2017

Nice channel and blog, with simple easy to understand and actionable advice. Think it’s missing some basic infield interactions in different environments.

    tfadmin - October 5, 2017

    Thanks man – appreciated. looking at infields etc now.

    Cheers, Troy.

Tim - October 5, 2017

Hey Troy !
Did you ever make it to inside
If yes , then how did you do it ?
Which questions do they ask?
How is it from inside?
Worth it ?

    tfadmin - October 5, 2017

    Hi Tim, I’ve been to Berghain a number of times, although not on that last trip.
    I’ve been on the guestlist, when of course they just wave you through.
    I’ve been with German guys / regulars and they just wave you through.
    I’ve been with girls or UK people and then it’s hit and miss. Sometimes they’ve let me in, other times they rejected me. No reasons given.
    They don’t really ask questions, they just look at you and make a call.
    Best advice seems to be to wear black and don’t talk too much.
    Yes it is worth it – fantastic-looking venue, great music, soundsystem and some cute girls too.
    Hope that helps?

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