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Your Girlfriend Or Wife Will Leave You If You Don’t Internalise This One Important Concept

your girlfriend or wife

Your girlfriend or wife will leave you if you don’t internalise this one important concept: the one who loves more always loses.

Human nature—which is driven by evolutionary biology—is cruel. This doesn’t sit well with our Disneyfied, politically-correct view of how life should be. Sadly, though, even though many men and women pay lip service to how things should be, they will generally follow their instincts if there’s a reasonable chance of not getting found out.

When it comes to love, the notion that we’ve all internalised from the movies is that it’s this wonderful, reciprocal bubble where, once the couple have fallen head-over-heels then they remain true to one another and act in accordance with that professed love.

But really, when you come to think about it, this is a matter of luck. You are entirely reliant on that other person maintaining their side of the bargain—and unfortunately human beings are flakey, easily distracted and prone to boredom, lust and hypergamy (the desire in women to ‘marry up’, or otherwise obtain a more alpha partner than their current one).

Some people say, ‘well of course you have to vet your girlfriend before committing to her.’ These people are naive. The truth is that it is nigh-0n impossible to predict the behaviour of another person in many months or even years’ time. Plus when you are high on the drug of new love—or lust—your natural bias will cause you to overlook red flags that might otherwise serve as a warning.

Even if you are certain you’ve found a ‘nice girl’ who is ‘not like the rest’ and who seems like a good bet for commitment she is still only that, a bet. Because you have no idea of how things will turn out. Yes, she might love you and remain faithful forever. But then, with a divorce rate at around 50% (60% in built-up urban areas) and with a majority of breakups initiated by women would you really want to be on it.

So what’s the problem with showing her that you love her? Intuitively that should be the best strategy of all—well, if you buy into that Disneyfied, politically-correct idea of how things should be, anyway. But the truth is that excessive displays of love will kill the visceral attraction that she initially feels for you even if they are welcomed in the short term.

You see she always wants to make sure she’s getting the best deal for herself. Unconsciously, that is. She’s not evil. She’s probably really nice. It’s just pesky old nature—that ancient rhythm of evolutionary biology pulsing through the core of her being.

And here’s the thing. When you indicate that you love excessively, or at least more than her, then you trigger doubt. Because she doubts herself, remember? She’s insecure. And if you love someone like her that much then you can’t be all you’re cracked up to be, surely? You can’t really be the alpha you claimed, surely . . .

Excessive love, while flattering, also brings with it feelings of excessive security, which is corrosive to passion. A hard truth is that if a girl feels to comfortable then she starts to feel bored and simultaneously concerned that her man is not made of the manly stuff she previously thought.

These are the main reasons why I have thus far avoided marriage and continue to do so—it’s just too damn risky. You’re effectively betting your life (or at least half your livelihood and wealth) on someone not throwing you under a bus in a few year’s time.

If you do decide to tie the knot then proceed with caution. And at least be careful to be frugal with your displays of affection. I’m not advocating you should be a dick. Just be aware that—unfortunately—human nature is a rum beast, and reverse psychology is extremely powerful.

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Ali - September 28, 2017

Hey Troy !
As a 40 year old , you seem very fit and in shape , plus you travel a lot that requires a lot of energy .
How do you stay physically fit ? Gym /Martial Arts ?
What supplements/ foods do you take to improve your energy
and how do you stay fir sexually ?
Am 33 and suddenly i have zero energy , zero enthusiasm to do anything and my sexual powers are betraying me .
Would be grateful if you reply .

    John - September 29, 2017

    Ya . That would be a good article . Looking forward to it .

    tfadmin - September 30, 2017

    Hey Ali, thanks for the comment! Loads of interesting things to cover there – I’ll look to address them in forthcoming articles so cheers for the inspiration!

    In terms of physical fitness, I’ve been going to the gym and also running for many years, so those remain my key staples. I don’t have a particularly sophisticated routine at the moment, but I try to do something physical everyday, as it keeps me mentally as well as physically in a good place. I lift weights and try to do one 10k run a week, and sometimes 1 or 2 shorter ones.

    Foods – I try to eat a lot of protein (eggs, chicken, steak, tuna fish), fruits, and fewer carbs (breads, rice, etc). I generally attempt to avoid ‘overt’ sugar (cakes, chocolate bars, sugary drinks like Coca Cola etc). I also drink a lot of water. I’m not a purist and I ‘cheat’ more than I should but i try to keep this as my baseline.

    I also don’t drink alcohol or take any mind-altering non-prescribed drugs and I haven’t for a long time (over 15 years).

    I try to get a decent amount of sleep – at least 6 hours ideally. I’ve also taken recently to timing my sleep in 90 minute increments since this is our REM pattern. So sleeping 6 hours is good. Sleeping 6.5 hours problematic because you wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle and feel groggy.

    I’m not an expert in nutrition or fitness (although I’ve used personal trainers in the past), but this seems to work for me. It’s progress not perfection, though, and I could be in even better shape if I prioritised it more, which is a goal going forward.

    On sexual power – I do sometimes use Viagra, and have since age 27. This is actually quite a big topic and I’ll probably write a post(s) on it if people are interested?

    I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering with low energy. Really, in your early thirties you should still be firing on all cylinders. Do you think there could be some secondary problem (i.e. depression). If so perhaps it could be worth speaking to a doctor? I’ve suffered with depression myself and have experience with medicating it. Again, this is something I could write more on if readers are interested?

    I hope some of this helps but if you want to chat about anything in more detail let me know or drop me a line at troyfrancis7laws@gmail.com



      Luka - October 1, 2017

      If you could expand on your article Troy .
      I learned about the 90 minute sleep cycle ( thumbs up)
      more on that please ,
      Also on depression and Viagra .

        tfadmin - October 1, 2017

        Hey Luka – thanks for the comment. Definitely – content on all of them coming up soon. Cheers, Troy

      GhostofSteveMcQueen - October 3, 2017

      Those would be good article ideas. Doing one one viagra and other ED meds would be enlightening, too.

        tfadmin - October 5, 2017

        Will get onto it. Cheers, Troy.

GhostofSteveMcQueen - September 30, 2017

I wish I’d known this core red pill truth a long time ago, bit when you’re raised much of your life by women, and immersed in a fem-centric culture like the liberal parts of the US, you don’t know any better. And the movies and TV reinforced the worst, most pussyfying behaviors a man could commit. Feels good to be awake now.

All younger men take heed to this essay and stamp it on your brain.

    tfadmin - September 30, 2017

    Hey man, thanks for the comment. Me too – I wish I’d realised this years ago. My adolescence and early twenties would have been a lot better if I had. Young guys are lucky now to be growing up with the internet, where there’s a lot of information shared by men who’ve had more experience. I learned a lot through the hard knocks of life and more through reading. It can be a hard road, but there’s a lot of joy in relationships with women and life in general too. All the best and keep in touch. Troy.

Martin - October 1, 2017

Could you write a post on Viagra ?
Am interested to know why have you been using it since age 27 ?
Thanks ..

    tfadmin - October 1, 2017

    Hey Martin – 100%. There’s a lot to say on Viagra. Will post soon. Cheers, Troy.

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