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You Could Have Sex With A New Girl Tonight If You Really Wanted To

You could do it if you had a gun pointed at your head. Well, you could, couldn’t you?

And that is what you must keep in mind.

Imagine you are approached by an assassin in a busy shopping street. He pushes you into a doorway, opens his coat and you see a handgun concealed within.

‘Get laid tonight or else,’ he says. ‘I’ll be watching. If you don’t have sex with a cute girl before sunrise tomorrow then I’ll shoot you in the head. She doesn’t have to be a supermodel but she does have to be cute.’

You are terrified but you have no choice. You must sleep with an attractive girl tonight or you will die.

Under such circumstances what would you do? Thinking quickly you settle on a strategy. For me, that strategy would consist of the following pillars.

1 Go Somewhere Where There Are Many Girls 

Obvious, perhaps, but necessary. You need to get yourself somewhere where there is decent traffic in potential women. If you live in a big city, that means you must go into the main shopping area. If you live in a small town then you need to take a train to the nearest large city.

2 Approach As Many Girls As You Can

With the assassin’s pistol trained at the back of my head I would now approach as many girls as I could.

Ensuring that I was smiling with a cheeky glint in my eye, that my body language was strong and my general vibe dominant, confident and alpha I would make it my task to stop as many girls as I was able to.

Because the task is to sleep with a girl that same day I would not waste time with indirect approaches (by which I mean asking for directions etc.) No. I would not—in the words of Tom Torero—hide my dick. I would let each girl known directly that I was interested.

To do that I would open with something like ‘hey, you’re cute. I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Troy.’

3. Introduce Touch Early 

In order to make later physical intimacy between us as natural as possible I would begin to touch the girl from very early in the interaction.

No, I do not mean touch her in some creepy way. I mean I would touch her lightly on the forearm or the shoulder, say, while making a point.

Reasearch has shown that sex is more likely to occur when couples touch early. I would take advantage of that fact.

3. Look For IOIs

Torero and others talk about ‘yes’ girls. It’s generally considered ‘bad game’ to simply search for girls who are already into you, since there is little challenge in that (not to say it’s all plain-sailing though). The game is really played with ‘maybe’ girls who might be into you but who need convincing.

Regardless, with a killer watching my every move, I would be inclined to watch out for indicators of interest from girls to identify those most likely to fall for me.

I could write a whole book about IOIs—and perhaps I will—but for our purposes here let’s just say that when you stop a girl and her face and eyes light up—showing an expression often called ‘doggy dinner bowl eyes’ then you know she’s hooked.

It is on these girls that I would seek to escalate.

4. Keep Going

So far I have only talked about daygame. But if, with a sniper following your every move, you get no traction on the streets, and time wears on, then in the end you will have to go to the bars, and eventually the clubs, in order to get laid.

Guys make a big deal of the differences between day and night game but in the end it’s all the same thing. And when there’s a bullet with your name on it then of course you will do whatever it takes.

The main thing is just to keep going. Disregard objections. Power through. Keep approaching, keep opening. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you get rejected by 1000 girls since all you need is for one to say yes.

5. Take her on an instant date 

I nearly called this point ‘isolate her’, but that sounds incredibly creepy, like in a Saw movie or something.

Nevertheless, what you need to do is to go somewhere private where it’s just you and her without her friends around.

If I was doing daygame I would take her to a cafe, or better yet a bar, since a beer or two might help break the ice more effectively.

If you’re in a club or bar then take her to an area where you can chat more easily. The bar, a dark corner somewhere, even the smoking area outside.

6. Escalate, escalate, escalate

There is a specific outcome you need to achieve to escape certain death, so for you must push for that outcome. That means escalation.

Escalation can be verbal and physical. Do both. Make sexually-charged comments and jokes, and slowly increase the frequency and intimacy of your touch (as long as she’s comfortable of course).

Kiss her. You can make out with her far earlier than you think. Don’t worry about getting rejected. Kiss her. If she turns her cheek don’t worry. Make a joke out of it and then try again a few minutes later.

7. Pull Her Home

Once you’ve done all of these things then you need to take her back to your place. I generally do this after two drinks (in a date situation).

Here’s what to do. Take her hand, stand up and lead her out of the venue.

That’s it.

If she asks where you’re going just say ‘on an adventure’.

8. Have Sex

Once you get her back to your apartment and you’ve made out then the chances of sex are very high. Generally speaking she will know what’s up and you should be able to get down to it quickly, but of course give her time if necessary.

In the worst case scenario let her ‘sleep over’. Even if she won’t have sex upfront the chances are she will wake up horn in the night and it’ll happen then.

And now, when the gunman reappears to congratulate you, you can high-five him. You are exhausted. But you got laid. And you will live to see another day.

You could have sex with a new girl tonight if you really wanted to. Just follow the steps I outline here.

If you had a gun pointed at your head then you would.

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