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How To Let A Girl Know You Like Her The Right Way

It should be obvious right from the start. What you are aiming for is a simultaneous communication of your attraction to her with her instant reciprocation. But this is the definition of a ‘yes girl’ and it doesn’t happen all the time.

Guys wonder why they don’t get girls. What should I say? they ask. What they don’t see is that speech is the very last part of the equation.

What you actually say forms only 7% of meaningful human communication. Body language and tone of voice accounts for the other 93%.

So it is how you are with her physically, and how your voice sounds, that should make everything plain to her. And how you should be is masculine.

Unapologetically, irrefutably masculine.

This doesn’t mean that you need have huge muscles bursting out of your tshirt. It doesn’t mean you have to carry a gun or  speak demeaningly of women. What it does mean is that you must hold onto your masculinity and associated desires as your centre of gravity; as an all-powerful energy that radiates from you and permeates every aspect of your being.
Of course, attractive women already know when men desire them. But most of these men—betas—are rejected before they even open their mouths. Why? Because deep down these beta men feel shame about their desires. They are suckers for the Madonna-whore complex. They think that a girl so beautiful as the one before them can’t secretly want to be bent over and fucked.

Their shame is communicable and it turns women off. It’s a misunderstanding to believe that women don’t like men who show interest in them, they love it. But these men have to be big value to be considered sexworthy, and high value starts with believing that your desire is valid and deserving of fulfilment.

The right way to let a girl know you like her is simply to be a man who acknowledges and owns his sexuality. In doing so you allow her to be a woman, and from there all else will follow naturally.

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Looking For Zion - August 9, 2017

This is a great reason to never get married. Unless you’re an alpha or a psychopath (e.g. Dark Triad) getting married will turn you into that beta chode that women can smell a mile away.

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