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Machiavellianism and Dating Sexy Girls

dating sexy girls

What follows is an extract on the new book on the intersection between so-called ‘dark tetrad’ characteristics and game that I’m currently working on. This piece focuses on Machiavellianism and suggests how it might apply to pickup.


As I’ve observed, Machiavellianism is a mode of thought and of behaviour that can be acquired over time through learning and practice. Therefore, as with narcissism, the best way you can demonstrate this quality to a new woman is by having acquired it already before you met her, and for it to be evident in your conduct not only towards her but also towards others.

As I’ve made clear, while a Machiavellian approach to the way you pick her up will without a doubt help you to get her, if she can also see that you are Machiavellian in other areas of your life such as business then this too will only increase her attraction to you.

In terms of how you should behave towards her, there are no shortcuts I’m afraid: you need to learn game. If you are rusty on the subject or new to it then read my books The 7 Laws of Seduction and How To Get Hot Girls Into Bed. The first will give you a primer in the basics of game while the second will round out your knowledge through theoretical essays on the topic.

Women are themselves accomplished Machiavellians in the way that they approach dating and sex. Many of them have read Cosmopolitan from an early age, with all its sex tips, and a large number will be familiar with books like The Rules. But even aside from external sources such as these, women, relying more on cunning than on physical strength, have a natural affinity with Machiavellian techniques. And believe me when I tell you that nothing turns them on so much as a man who has similar knowledge.

If you can show her that you understand her game and that better yet you are one step ahead then you can bet she will reward you for it.

But as I’ve said, the only real way to accomplish this is by learning game and immersing yourself in its concepts. That said, there are a few things you should definitely be tight on.


dating sexy girls 1

A sexy girl. Someone’s dating her – but is he Machiavellian?

dating sexy girls 1

The first is passing so-called ‘shit tests.’ ‘Shit tests’, if you don’t know, are those little tests that every girl seems to throw in to see what the guy in front of her in made of. The good news is that the more tests she directs at you, the more attracted she is. The bad news is that if you fail too many of these tests then she’ll lose attraction and move on to the next guy.

Popular shit tests are her asking things like: ‘Do you say that to all the girls?’, ‘Is that your chat up line?’, ‘Is that the best you can come up with?’ or ‘You just want to have sex with me, don’t you?’

The naïve ingénue might fail such tests. The hardened Machiavellian will sail through them. You must ensure you are in the latter camp. In order to do so, from hereon in I want you to start ignoring all shit tests that you get from women.

That’s right. Simply ignore them.

Change the subject. Start talking about something else.

At the very most you can smile, or give a little laugh at whatever test she proffers. But under no circumstances are you allowed to engage seriously with a shit test from a woman.

There – done! Shit tests solved!

But seriously, just by putting that simple piece of advice into practice you will signal to her a degree of Machiavellian know-how superior to that of most other men she will meet. You will show her that you’re in on her little game, that you know her tricks and that you won’t play.

Another easy watch out is when you are messaging her: do not be too available over SMS (or WhatsApp or Facehook Messenger or whatever service you’re using).

What this means in practice is (a) don’t answer any of her messages immediately. Ideally you should wait at least the time she took to answer yours before you reply. And (b) always write less than her in your responses.

If you look at your phone and it’s clear that you’ve written paragraphs while she has only contributed sentences then things are out of whack and you need to recalibrate.

You should always write a lot less than her.

Why? Because writing a lot shows that you have made a bigger investment in the interaction than she has. And worse, that you don’t have a sufficient degree of Machiavellianism to cover for yourself.

Finally, a great strategy is to call her out for being naughty, a bad girl and a sexual predator. Not only is this a very effective way to flirt, but it also shows that you are in on the ‘secret society’ reality that women are just as sexual as men but that they simply hide it better.

The daygamer Tom Torero often refers to a ‘you know that I know that you know’ understanding between him and the girl. A Machiavellian schooled in pickup knows about the true nature not only of women but also of the mating game itself.

And Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male has said that women want a man who ‘just gets it.’ A Machiavellian that ‘gets it’, knows how to play the game and won’t judge her is infinitely more attractive than a guy stuck with a weak, blue pill mindset. This is particularly the case with quick sex and one-night stands where women will actively screen for me who know the score over those who don’t.

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