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The Kind of Girl I Like


I want to preface this by saying that I like all kinds of girls. Really. I’m open. Spanish, Brazilian, Ethiopian, Bahraini, Polish, Colombian, Azerbaijani, Russian, Japanese, Korean. Even, at a push, English. I operate a remarkably fair open-door policy. There is to be no Brexit in the province of Troy cock and EU vagina. The special relationship will remain intact. My borders are entirely porous and I will trade globally with almost any willing partner.

That said, there is a particular type of girl that I am very fond of, and I wanted to celebrate her today. And because she is a type, nationality, colour and creed don’t come into it at all. I have met this same girl over and over again and she has hailed from many different parts of the world. She does, however, always have certain common constituent parts.

The type of girl I like is thin. Skinny, usually. I like curves, of course, but I like them in the context of a slender frame. I apologise if that offends anyone. I am fully sympathetic to the body positive movement, and I agree that at times big can indeed be beautiful, but my aim here is to be honest about what flicks my particular sexual switch.

I like breasts as much as  the next man. But when it comes down to it I’m a leg guy. I love women’s legs. And their asses. Nice legs and a nice ass are what do it for me. If that means that we have to compromise on breasts then I’m open to talks. The negotiating table will remain open. Of course the ideal is to get everything in the one package, but I’m a realist who believes that a deal is better than no deal.

The girl I like is very feminine. She is a girly girl. She probably wears skirts and dresses more than she wears jeans and tshirts. I have no objection to her wearing jeans and tshirts of course, but if her default is skirts then I’ll be all the happier.

The girl is, in varying degrees, introspective, thoughtful and artistic. She is perhaps an artist, a painter, a musician or a writer. She might be a philosopher or some other type of academic. If she is none of these things then it is likely that she will have a leaning towards the arts in her tastes. For example, I dated a Polish girl who worked as a waitress in a high-end restaurant, but she was a huge David Bowie fan and she liked Marina Abramovic. Basically I like girls who are cultured, who share my somewhat rarified tastes.

There was a time when you’d see a lot of hot, bohemian girls travelling around London on the underground reading Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being. That’s the kind of girl I like.

At the very least, I like her to be interested in high end fashion. My last girlfriend liked Alexander McQueen and had gone to see the exhibition dedicated to him at the V&A. Any indication of interests or allegiances that surpass the usual reality TV and social media that many girls enjoy is welcome.

She is probably brunette. Again, there have been variations. I’ve certainly dated my share of blonde girls, and girls with auburn hair, but certainly, whether the girl is black, middle-Eastern, Mediterranean or Eastern European, brunette is my preference.

Eastern European


She may be somewhat melancholic in nature. This is not a requirement, but it perhaps dovetails well with my own temperament. I think it’s for this reason that I’ve ended up dating quite a few Eastern European girls—usually Polish but also Lithuanian, Russian, Romanian and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I also love Latin American girls with their sunny, positive dispositions. But it’s fair to say I’ve been drawn to my fair share of gloomy EE girls.

For bonus points she will like the band Depeche Mode. I mention this because so many of my girlfriends—the gloomy EE girls—have liked Depeche Mode that it’s become something of a private joke I have with myself. For a start, I love Depeche Mode myself. Secondly, their music is arguably slightly more esoteric than that of your average stadium rock band, and so her liking them reveals to me a discernment I appreciate. And thirdly, Depeche Mode have always had a somewhat kinky side (exemplified by tracks like ‘Master and Servant’, and all their lyrics about domination and submissiveness).  As such, her affinity for their music often reveals an openness to adventurous sex.

Finally, for another bonus point, she will be into sex parties, or fetish events such as Killing Kittens or Torture Garden. As I’ve made clear before, I am by no means a hardcore fetishist myself. In fact, my tastes are probably somewhat vanilla. Nevertheless, I find girls who are sexually liberated to be more exciting than those who aren’t. And also, given that I am not looking for monogamy at this point in my life, if she’s experimental herself then it indicates that perhaps she’s not hoping to move in and start changing the curtains and carpets any time soon.

Funnily enough, the Hungarian girl that I met a while back ticks pretty much all of these boxes, and I’ve had her in mind as I’ve been writing. She is slim, brunette, Eastern European, cultured, into Depeche Mode and also Torture Garden. You can’t say much better than that. I should be meeting up with her on a jaunt soon so I’ll of course keep you updated on how things progress.

This is the type of girl I like. Your favourite type is probably very different. I’m keen to find out – please do leave a comment below and let me know.


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Jerry - June 13, 2017

Like you, I love all kinds of women. Serving in the US Air Force for over 20 years, I have lived and worked in most all modern countries. Being raised in Southern California my favorites are the Latinas. They got spirit, some are aggressive, luv to get physical, very outgoing!!! Feminine definitely!!!

    tfadmin - June 15, 2017

    Agree with you about Latinas. My Colombian girl in Paris is hot.Troy

Thinking Out Loud - June 13, 2017

I don’t really know what my type is. For the longest time I would’ve said I have no type, but recently I’ve been drawn a lot towards turkish girls more so than german girls. I also have a thing for asians. I haven’t really done a lot with girls in the past couple of years, I’m only now waking up to this. So I’ll try and pay attention if I can notice a type of girl that attracts me the most. There was a girl recently, a bit chubby, not fat, but cute and natural red hair. I was attracted to her a lot. So maybe that’s it. But unfortunately not every red-head is cute.

    tfadmin - June 15, 2017

    Turkish girls are definitely hot. I dated one a while back – beautiful. I’m currently livingin Neukolln, or ‘little Istanbul’ in Berlin. Loads of lovely Turkish ladies around here. Good luck man – let me know how you get on. Troy

      Thinking Out Loud - June 15, 2017

      Have you approached any of them? Any success? My feeling is they are more likely to be bitchy, especially when they’re good-looking. They give off that vibe, so I find it especially hard to approach them, especially when it’s more than just one girl.

        tfadmin - June 16, 2017

        The Berlin Turkish girls? No, I haven’t actually – not in Neukolln anyway.
        Perhaps I should take my own advice and make it a challenge!

        Are you based in Berlin? The issue here is the Turkish community ‘seems’ very segregated from even the German population, and appear to keep to themselves. And as an English dude I’m a double foreigner.

        Still, that’s a limiting belief. I’ll give it a go and let you know how I get on. Troy.

          Thinking Out Loud - June 16, 2017

          No, I’ve never been to Berlin. I live in NRW, about an hour away from Cologne, close to Düsseldorf. But we have a lot of Turkish girls here too, I would say almost predominantly Turkish and Arabic girls, or from other countries from that region. They almost outweigh the German population here, that’s how it feels.

          Yeah they do keep to themselves for the most part. But maybe that’s cause it goes both ways and Germans are afraid of approaching them. Turkish men can be very protective, whether it’s their lover, their brother or their father. I would say race matters less than how handsome you are or what style you have. If you look too German, then maybe they are turned off. But if you try to emulate the style of Turkish men, then maybe that opens up some doors, even if you’re not Turkish.

          I would say if anything as an English dude you probably have an advantage, but that’s just my feeling. Maybe try universities, girls there are usually a bit more intelligent and mature and maybe Turkish girls mix a bit more with German people there. Either way, I would love to hear your experiences with them. Your stories are inspiring and motivating.

          tfadmin - June 18, 2017

          Thanks man! I’m going back next week so may try some Turkish game then. All the younger people in my area are really friendly and they speak English (I mean really I should be speaking German of course, but what I mean is they like to have conversation). So let’s see.

          I dated a Turkish girl in London I met through a front daygame stop. Very hot

          Thinking Out Loud - June 25, 2017

          Recently I’ve been really into Turkish, or Arabic girls, you know, girls with that kind of look. A lot of girls from Muslim countries. So yesterday when I went through my town for 2-3 hours, I made it my goal to approach the best-looking women with that kind of look. I approached around 10-15 girls in that time, a lot of them fell into that category. I used to be really shy around these women, thinking if I ever approached them they would surely blow me out. But my experiences were purely positive in terms of how friendly they were. All of them were really nice. Now I did indirect approaches (Pet Shop Opener), so that made it easy anyway and unlikely for them to lash out at me, but still, this was different than what I feared. I even approached one girl with a guy walking close behind her, thinking that that might be her boyfriend, and it most likely was, cause he joined her side when I opened her, but she was still nice and helpful and the guy didn’t say a word. Now none of the approaches really led to anything, I really only had one conversation where I felt there was a chance of me getting a number and in the end it didn’t work out. But it was a very interesting encounter that sparked a lot of questions. I made a post on Roosh’s forum here, the second approach I desribe.


          Do you have any thoughts on this? I’m sure I’m not making it easy by picking Muslim women in the first place, especially ones that run around with a headscarf, but she just gave off that DTF vibe. Not specifically towards me, but in general, the way she dressed and acted. You know, if you’ve ever googled “Jilboob”… that kind of girl. The kind of girl that’s only wearing a headscarf because of social conventions, but likes to fuck around as much as any other woman. Not really religious, just kinda going along with it. And I’m really interested in how to best have success with these type of women. I’ve heard enough slutty things about Muslim women from my Muslim friends here, and I’m wondering what I did wrong.

          tfadmin - June 26, 2017

          It’s hard to say whether you did anything ‘wrong’ as such, since these sorts of things happen the whole time, whether the girls are Muslim or not. And by the way, I don’t have huge experience of dating or approaching Muslim girls, but the ones I have been certainly have been extremely horny, so I think that stereotype of them being repressed volcanos of passion has a grain of truth in it.

          In this case it sounds to me like she was embarrassed in front of her friend. If you’d have got her alone she might possibly have given you the number. That’s why I normally approach solo sets in daygame. Otherwise you have to also pass the vetting of her friend to, and hope she doesn’t want to avoid looking too easy in front of that girl. I’m don’t think that it had anything to do with her religion though.

          These things happen. Chalk it up to experience and keep approaching! Let me know how you get on.

          Cheers, Troy

          Thinking Out Loud - June 26, 2017

          Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I try to approach solo sets, too, but this one I just had to approach. She honestly had a face like hers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el67wWLS_9s
          and a body like hers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C4uu9AIE9k

          It was this feeling of “I am not going home without trying to get me some of this”.

          I approached a cute chinese girl yesterday though and got her number. Gonna see how that goes.

          tfadmin - June 27, 2017

          Cool man – good luck, let me know how it goes.

Jim Lukas - June 14, 2017

American feminists a pushing a new law that men are required to get a boner when shown photos of Lena Dunham…

    tfadmin - June 15, 2017


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