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An Evening At a Berlin Sex Party Taught Me These Important Lessons About Night Game

sex party

There’s a blonde chick with too-short hair and a childlike face, but a decent enough body. Her breasts are bare already. She pulls off her bikini bottoms and jumps in the pool, making for the swing that’s suspended over it at its centre. Her friend looks on, an Asian girl in complicated, expensive lingerie.

It’s morning and a lazy sun is starting to eye up the fucked-up ravers semi-comatose around the pool.

The blonde reaches for the swing. She grasps behind her for its ropes, tries to pull herself up so she’s sitting on it. Her arms aren’t strong enough, though. She keeps getting up so high, but not high enough to get her butt on that swing.

She laughs at her ineptitude and keeps trying. Two guys sit watching her, spaced out. Hell, I stand watching her, spaced out. It’s entertaining, watching her trying to get up on that swing like it’s entertaining watching a cat trying to catch a piece of string.

It’s 6am and we’re by the outdoor swimming pool at the back of Berlin’s KitKat Club, the weekly fetish sex party. It’s an attractive-looking pool with terrace seating around it. Monged-out people sit here. The girls are dressed in underwear, mainly. Some are topless. Several are naked. Many are wearing PVC or latex. There’s lots of fishnet tights. Spikey high heels. Bleach blonde hair, green hair, purple hair. There are alternative types, slutty types, porn star types, goth types and a few drop-dead catwalk model types.

The guys wear latex trousers, rubber shorts, leather. Some are naked. Most have no shirt on. A few wear leather harnesses across their chests.

I don’t drink or do drugs and I feel fucked looking around this place. God knows how everyone else feels. But the pool is an area of tranquility. Go inside and it’s like you’ve descended into Hades.


sex partysex partysex party

There are two main rooms. One is big with a raised stage where people dance. The other is small and dark. The DJ in the first room plays banging techno. The DJ in the second room plays even more banging techno. The girls working the bars are naked. I see one girl, a skinny little German brunette, smoking and entirely naked behind the bar. In the UK that would be at least two violations of health and safety law.

If you want to see a lot of vagina then KitKat Club is the place to come. To be fair, if you want to see a lot of tits then it’s a pretty good place too. But the vagina count is really high here. I saw more slits in one night than you would in a whole day doing quality control for PornHub. In the end you’ve seen so much vagina you become blind to it. Muff-blind. Vag-impaired.

Unfortunately, with the smooth comes the rough. If you visit KitKat you’re also likely to see some cock too. But the that’s a downside of any sex party. And in Germany there’s a tradition of nudity that stretches back generations. Something to do with it being healthy. Before the Nazis quashed it. But now they’ve reverted back and they like getting everything out again. In the parks in summer. In the saunas, the clubs and so on.

KitKat attracts its fair share of unusual folks. Tonight there’s a guy with a pot belly who sits naked on a sofa for THE WHOLE NIGHT, just playing with his cock. He looks out of his mind. Actually he looks like he’s having a great night. Where else can you let your fat belly roll and slob out, playing with your dick while on drugs listening to techno music surrounded by naked girls?

Of course, as this is a fetish party you see some kinky things. There’s one guy, another fat, older dude, crouching on all fours kneeling in front of a girl, kissing her feet. The girl, who’s blonde, attractive, heavily tattooed, looks down at him, bored, occasionally whipping his ass with a riding crop. Elsewhere, a guy is tying two girls up in Japanese knots.to these prison-style bars.

As I’ve said before in my articles about Torture Garden you don’t need to be into the really weird shit and you shouldn’t let it prevent you from coming to a party like KitKat. Because for every pot-bellied couch-bound wanker you also have a really hot girl who’s broadminded (to say the least) and up for some fun.

Austrian Girls

austrian girlaustrian girl

My night was semi-successful, by which I mean I didn’t get laid, although I did get some positive female attention. And by the way, this is a great place to get laid if you find a girl who’s DTF, since fucking is not only tolerated here but practically encouraged. There are couches dotted around the place and many, many dark areas where sex takes place. So there’s no problem with having to take your girl home since the job can just be finished in the venue.

I’ve long been of the opinion the night game is very much about timing. If you meet a girl who likes you too early on then you have a problem. Do you stick with her for the rest of the night, and risk looking like a needy chode and getting blown out, or do you leave her and risk her getting hit on and banged by another guy (which is extremely likely)?

There is no right answer except to say that it’s far better to meet the girl later on in the night. In Berlin, though, that can be tricky to time since clubs remain open all through Saturday night into Sunday daytime and through Monday morning too in some cases.

The other thing is that if you’re at an EDM-type club like KitKat then there’s a certain tipping point after about 3am when the   ‘normal’ girls start leaving and you’re left with the drug fiends who are often too into dancing to want to fuck anyone, and if they do want to fuck then you’ll have to wait until about 11am tomorrow morning after interminable dancing and after-parties and so on.

Anyway, I was on good form, having just flown in from London and got an hour’s sleep and a shower at my apartment. I was looking good as well, I thought, and feeling cocky after banging that girl at Killing Kittens in London the night before. So I worked my way round and talked to a load of girls (I forget how many).

I don’t recall any particularly harsh blowouts, although I did of course get rejected. Actually one girl told me I was too old for her (turned out she was 21!). But in the main the girls were friendly and my vibe was good.

I saw a gorgeous, petite brunette in red underwear dancing with friends on the stage. Immediately my antennae pinged—she was one of those girls who for whatever reason hit me at a DNA level. I had to approach her.

A bit later I saw her coming out of the unisex bathrooms.

‘You look dangerous’ I said.

‘Oh yeah,’ she said, immediately giving me doggy dinner bowl eyes.

‘Yeah,’ I said. ‘You don’t look German’.

‘I’m Austrian.’

‘Oh no,’ I said. ‘My mother warned me about you Austrian girls.’

‘She was right,’ she said and then she lunged at me and started snogging me hard, ramming her tongue into my mouth, rubbing her sweaty body right up against mine.

We made out like that for thirty seconds, and then she turned away.

‘Oh, my friend’s here,’ she said, pointing at this gay guy.

Then she ran off.

I got some pretty strong IOIs from a German girl and we chatted a bit but the language barrier was too great and nothing came of it.

Later, another Austrian girl. We chatted for a few minutes (about me dividing my time between London and Berlin I think, although by that point I was in a semi-narcotised state from tiredness and Red Bull, and then she too rammed her tongue in my mouth.

‘Where are you going now?’ I asked when we came up for air.

‘Home,’ she said.

So that came to nothing as well. (Still, I’m considering Austria as a new travel destination since the girls are hot and they appear to like me).

The only glimmer of hope for anything more was with this Polish girl who I spoke to as she was leaving. We didn’t make out (she told me she had a boyfriend) but she did give me her Facebook. We’ve been chatting today and will meet for drinks this week. She’s blonde and slim with that elegant, feminine figure that Polish and Eastern European women in general often have.

I like Polish girls, having dated many of them, and the fact that this one was at KitKat leaves me hopeful that she is sexually uninhibited. Even her friend was pleasant and didn’t try to cockblock—in fact she encouraged the girl to share her details with me. So refreshing and such a change from London, where cockblocking is unfortunately rife.

In summary night game can be a lot of fun and if you meet a DTF girl then you can progress to sex VERY quickly. The downside is that it’s tiring and time-consuming and you can waste a lot of time grasping at mirages (opportunities that look good but don’t work out) like a man in the desert grasping for an imaginary oasis of ice-cool water.

That’s why it’s always best to practise holistic game, supplementing your night game with daygame and Tinder etc. for the best chance of getting laid.

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Thinking Out Loud - June 12, 2017

“If you meet a girl who likes you too early on then you have a problem. Do you stick with her for the rest of the night, and risk looking like a needy chode and getting blown out, or do you leave her and risk her getting hit on and banged by another guy (which is extremely likely)?”

I asked myself this when I approached a girl at a uni party last weekend. First approach of the evening, there are 3 guys standing there, one guy talking about how the indian guy is a good dancer and how he feels like shit every time he’s with him on the dance floor. I comment “Is he really that good?” Two minutes later I’m talking to the girl, that was standing close by. A couple of minutes after that and the guys go to the dancefloor. She says she’s not gonna go cause she’s not a good dancer. I was alone with her at the bar, all of her male friends gone. It was like it was handed to me on a silver platter. We chatted for what must’ve been like 30 minutes, but it was just not going anywhere, cause I didn’t know how to build attraction, steer the conversation in the right direction and how to escalate properly. The girl was still very open to me, and so were the other guys, when they occasionally returned from the dance floor, but I started to feel really tied down and I didn’t want to come across as needy. There were all these other girls I could talk to. So I ditched them and just went on.

Good thing is, she’s studying the same subject I want to study, whenever I get the chance to return to uni, so I will most likely see her again, and then I can see how that goes.

    tfadmin - June 15, 2017

    Hey man thanks for the comment. Well, at least you can follow up next time. Worth learning a bit about escalation, which is basically verbally and physically moving the interaction into a more flirtatious zone. There’s some more on this in an article I wrote here: http://www.returnofkings.com/59106/what-to-do-on-a-date-to-maximize-your-chances-of-closing

    Let me know how you go.


      Thinking Out Loud - June 15, 2017

      Thanks man, I’ll read that and try to improve.

        tfadmin - June 16, 2017

        Good luck – let me know how it goes! Troy

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